The Auditor's office is responsible for administering the State of Ohio's Rental Registration program (ORC 5323.02) The State's program was primarily enacted to provide emergency services contact information of the property owner, or a qualifying agent of their choosing, in the event that there is an unfortunate occurrence or emergency at the premises where the rental property is located. It is not the responsibility of the Hamilton County Auditor's Office to know the status of or to register complaints against the tenants occupying the properties.

Some cities, villages, and townships have enacted their own rental registration programs. Owners of rental properties are obligated to also register with those programs which may include property inspections and fees. However, the Auditor's office has no role in those programs. The Auditor's office only has authority in administering the State's program. There is no fee for the State's registration; however, a fine may be levied on a rental property found to be not registered.
Am I obligated to file a Rental Registration Form?
Yes. If you are an owner of a single family, multi-family, a mobile/manufactured home park or site with homes rented to tenants, or a commercial building with residential units, currently being rented, you are required by State law to file a Rental Registration Form with the Auditor's Office.
What form must I use to file?
A Residential Rental Property Registration Form can be found on this page and may be downloaded for your convenience.
Should I use one Residential Rental Property Registration Form for each property owned?
The Residential Rental Property Registration Form allows the owner to list up to (12) rental properties concurrently. Each address listed must have, at minimum, a location address, an Auditor parcel or mobile home number, and the actual number of units being rented. You are permitted to use an additional page or an excel spreadsheet maintaining the same criteria if the total properties exceed the number of spaces provided.
Must I at any time update the Residential Rental Property Registration Form with the Hamilton County Auditor's Office?
Yes. An owner of a residential property, or their agent, must update the information required within 60 days after any change in the information occurs.
What is the “Owner Name” that is to be used on the form?
The “Owner Name” is the current deeded name listed on the Auditor's record. Do not submit the Residential Rental Property Registration Form until the deeded name coincides with that which is on the deed.
Am I required to complete the “Corp. Officer Name” and the “Agent Name” on the form?
You are required to complete the “Corp. Officer” and “Agent Name” sections if your “Owner Name” is listed as a trust, business trust, estate partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, association, corporation, or any other business entity. If the owner is based out-of-state there must be an in-state agent name listed to be in compliance with State law.
Should I submit a Residential Rental Property Registration Form if I own a multi-family building and occupy at least one unit?
Yes, if the other unit(s) are being used in a rental capacity.
Should I submit a Residential Rental Property Registration Form if a family member lives in a unit?
Yes, if the property owner is receiving rental compensation from the family member.
What if the property is not currently being used as rental?
You will file a Residential Rental Property Registration Form only when the property is occupied by a tenant. To ensure that no fees are placed on your tax record, you may consider signing and submitting the Non-Rental Property Acknowledgement form that has been provided on this page for your convenience. If the status changes to occupied by a tenant, a Rental Registration form must be filed.
Does filing a Residential Rental Property Registration Form affect my Real Estate taxes?
No. However, a $150.00 penalty on your future tax bills may be charged if a property has been identified as rental and does not have a Residential Rental Property Registration Form submitted to the Hamilton County Auditor's Office.

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